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The ACADEMY offers the excellent A-Beka based Christian curriculum for students Pre-K through High School. Unlike most other Christian academies, we enroll YEAR-ROUND. While we encourage you to enroll at the beginning of a semester, we accept qualified students at any time in any grade where we have room.

Factoid: since our High School program started, 100% of our graduating Seniors have gone on to college! Ask the public high school in your neighborhood how that compares to their success rate...


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How the Academy Pastor Larry Allen

     For years Mrs. Allen and I stood on the sidelines and watched what was happening to school aged children.  We noticed that they were becoming more and more rebellious and had the tendency to show less and less respect for authority. Then we noticed that some of the school aged children wanted to do what was right but they didn’t have the requisite skills or knowledge to accomplish their desired goal. 


     So we decided to ask God to show us what He would like us to do about what we were observing.  Before too long, the Lord made it very clear that He wanted us to start a Christian school.  We started to share with others what the Lord had place on our hearts. 

     As we shared, we made sure to clearly explain that the Lord wanted us to start a Christian school which would introduce children to God, through His Son, Christ Jesus; that we would have to find a curriculum that would enable us to provide them to an education that was second to none, and that this curriculum would enable us to train them how to live a life that would be pleasing to God, and at the same time, teach them how to make a living.   


     The good news is, once we started sharing the Lord's guidance, we found there were people right in our church who were just as excited and interested as we were.  As we talked and shared, we found there were people who knew there were millions of children being educated in a moral vacuum, and being trained by people that believed in evolution. You know, people who believe at first you were goo, then you evolved to the point that you could live in a zoo, and of course, now you’re you.  Every time I write that little line, I’m reminded that people who believe in evolution have more faith than we do! (Smile.)  


     As most of you know, this philosophy (world view) eliminates the fact that God created us, it causes us to believe that we’re just a little less than apes, that there is no life after death, that there is no heaven or hell, that no one owns us, that we’ll never have to give an account to anyone, that life makes no sense, and that there is no reason to live. Therefore, that line of thinking goes, we may as well eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.  No wonder our school aged children are making such terrible decisions.  With a philosophy like the one described, there really is no reason for a person to care.     


     Soon through the power and grace of God, we were able to get enough people together to start New Life Baptist Academy; a school that has the freedom to preach the Gospel and tell children that they were created by God, that they were created in His likeness and image, that they never ever resided in a zoo, and that God has a real plan and purpose for their lives.  And of course, most of you know the rest of the story! 


     We’re no longer on the sidelines talking about everything that is happening.  We’re in the midst of things and doing our best to assist you in raising your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord!  Somebody needs to shout Hallelujah!  

     As you continue to send your beautiful children to New Life Baptist Academy, please remember to pray for the faculty and staff; and ever keep in mind, that by the grace of God, it is our goal and vision to continue to grow and to make sure your children understand that long before they even knew about God, He had His eyes on them, He had designed a glorious victorious life for them, and if they will get to know Him and follow His guidance and direction, they will not only be totally fulfilled, they will also be blessed to bring honor and glory to the one and only true God.


     We love you New Life Academy Family,

To request more information about the Academy, please call our administration office at 505-352-2628 or click here to send us an email.

New Life Baptist Church and Academy
6900 Los Volcanes NW
, Albuquerque, NM 87121   Ph: 505-352-2628




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